2012 Card Coming Soon!

To purchase a card, contact
me via email
nick@cnygolfhome.com or
by telephone (315 525-1101).

-Individual membership is $20 (Only $10 after July 15).
Card gets you deals at
Participating Courses. It is a
punch card, however, several courses have indicated
that they will allow for repeat discounts.

-All members are entered in monthly drawing, where
five winners per month beginning on April 30 will
qualify for an end-of-the-year raffle where 10% of
money raised will be given out in prizes. I will draw 5
finalists per month at a participating course, beginning
on April 30 and ending Oct. 30. All finalists will be
posted on site.

-10% of proceeds from card sales will be donated to
our local Children's Miracle Network Hospital at Faxton
St. Luke's Healthcare.

-Those who bring 5 new members will receive free
membership card.

-Those bringing 10 new members automatically qualify
as a finalist for end-of-year raffle as well as receiving
free card.

High School Special: Teams bringing in same
number of members that are on team receive free
cards (5 is minimum). Example, sell 7, get 7 cards;
maximum free cards equals number of team members.

-Members are encouraged to join email list to receive
updates on upcoming tournaments, events and
whether they've qualified for end-of-year raffle.

Note: Names of all members will be posted on site to
assure that everyone knows how much should be
given to raffle and charity.
More on the Program


-Members Listing
Membership Card Program