To report a hole-in-one,
have the course either
email to
or phone at
315-525-1101. Please
include date, hole,
yardage and club used.
                                  April 22
Hidden Valley Golf Club:
Anthony DeMichele eagled the par-5 9th
                                  April 23
Mohawk Valley Country Club:
Joe Cirelli eagled the 5th hole with a
driver and 8-iron. The eagle was his first. His playing partners were Gus
Maida, Vince Cimino and Bill Fifefield.

                                  April 29
Twin Ponds Golf Club:
David Egresits eagled the par-4 18th hole
using a driver and 56 degree wedge from 100 yards out.

                                    April 30
Foster Ponds Golf Course:
Kyle Renwick eagled the 4th hole with
driver, 4-iron.

                                    May 12
Hidden Valley Golf Club:
Bradee Holtslag eagled the par-5 9th hole
with driver, 5-iron, then wedge chip.

                                     May 21
Liverpool Golf Club:
Roger Bubel eagled the par-4 9th hole using
driver, 7-iron.

                             May 26
Seven Oaks Golf Course:
Josh Hodge eagled the par-4 1st hole
using driver, 8-iron.

                                     June 8
Stonebridge Golf & Country Club:
Frank DeFazio eagled the par-4
4th hole using a 5 wood and a wedge. Witness Judge Lou Gigliotti.