2012 Holes-in-one
To report a hole-in-one,
have the course either
email to
or phone at
315-525-1101. Please
include date, hole,
yardage and club used.
April 7
Pleasant Knolls Golf Course at Turning Stone Resort: John Meyers
of Vernon aced the 119-yard 4th hole using a 9 iron. Witnessed by
Matt Flanigan.

April 14
Twin Ponds Golf & Country Club: Mike Czupryna, an senior on the
New York Mills golf team, aced the 155-yard par-3 8th hole using a
6-iron. It was his first and was wittnessed by Cameron Soja and Nick

April 16
Newport Golf Club: High School freshman Bobby Davenport had a
hole in one on the 115-yard 7th hole, using a pitching wedge.

May 13
Turning Stone's Sandstone Hollow: Dan Fadden of Cicero made a
hole-in-one on the 154-yard 6th hole, using a 7-iron. Tom Fadden and
Sue Fadden witnessed the feat.

May 25
Hidden Valley Golf Club: Bruce Davis aced the 115-yard 3rd hole,
using a 9-iron. Billy Davis, Roger Bubel Sr. and Gary Werczynski

June 9
Twin Ponds Golf & Country Club: Chad Carstensen aced the
110-yard 15th hole using a gap wedge. Witnessed by Josh Hopsicker.

June 11
Turning Stone's Pleasant Knolls: Richard Simchik of Oneida
recorded a hole-in-one on the 119-yard 4th hole, using a 7-hybrid. The
ace was witnessed by Vince Mellon, Al Phillips, and Mike Hugunine.

June 23
Twin Ponds Golf & Country Club: Kyle Maring, age 15, aced the
110-yard 15th hole using a 5-iron. Witnessed by Alex Maring.

July 9
Kaluhyat Golf Club: Gary Meyers of North Chili, N.Y., aced the
142-yard 7th hole using a 7-iron. Jack Harrison and Jim Calvert
witnessed the ace.

July 9
Shenendoah Golf Club: Tom Scarlett of Windsor, Ontario, raced the
157-yard 9th hole, using a 7-iron. John Reyen witnessed the ace.

July 19
Sandstone Hollow Golf Club: Sharon Catalano of Rome, recorded an
ace on the 84-yard 4th hole, using a 7-iron. Marie Petrelli and Marie
Coccia witnessed the shot.

July 20
Hidden Valley Golf Club: 92-year-old Joseph A. Kaczor ( New York
Mills) after 82 years of playing golf finally scored his first hole-in-one,
acing the 167-yard par-3 14th, using a 3-wood. Witnessed by his son
Gene Kaczor (Whitesboro Varsity Golf Coach), Phil Boots and Dave

July 27
Valley View Golf Course: Pete Kutzuba aced the 150-yard 18th hole,
using an 8-iron. It was his first hole-in-one.

August 1
Shenendoah Golf Club: George Abdoo of New Hartford scored a hole
in one on the 192-yard 17th hole using a 4-iron. The feat was witnessed
by Andrew Elio. The ace also earned Abdoo $10,000 as part of the New
York Burglar Fire Alarm Association Tournament!

August 2
Pleasant Knolss Golf Course: Randy Schwebe of Sherrill aced the
166-yard 8th hole using a 5-iron. John Meyers witnessed the feat.

August 13
Shenendoah Golf Club: Kayla Pallotta of Manlius recorded a hole in
on the 106-yard 12th hole using an 8-iron. Scott Pallotta witnessed the

August 23
Shenendoah Golf Club: Kerry Quilty of Liverpool made a hole in one
on the 186-yard 9th hole, using a 5-iron. Scott Main witnessed the hole
in one.

August 29
Valley View Golf Course: Sam Bottini aced the 152-yard 6th hole
using a 6-iron.

September 7
Shenendoah Golf Club: James Lozano of Slingerlands aced the
156-yard 6th hole using an 8-iron. The feat was witnessed by Jeff
Cohen and Dewey Rolands.

September 10
Kaluhyat Golf Club: Suzanne Olstein of Tuckahoe, NY, made an ace
on the 121-yard 17th hole using an 8-iron. The shot was witnessed by   
Dick Olstein.

September 12
Twin Ponds Golf & Country Club: Mike Masseno aced the 105-yard
6th hole, using a 9-iron. Witnessed by John Granieco, Tony Ciancio
and George Murphy.

September 15
Twin Ponds Golf & Country Club: Mike Ciallelo aced the 155-yard
8th hole, using a 5-iron. Witnessed by Mike Loiacano, Chad Ciallelo
and Tom Marine.

September 28
Kaluhyat Golf Club: Ralph Champion of Hector aced the 111-yard 5th
hole using a 5-iron. Chris Hubbell witnessed the feat.

October 14
Shenendoah Golf Club: John A. Puchir of Liverpool, aced the
142-yard 12th hole using a 7-iron.  His son, Eric Puchir witnessed the